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Main Products: Low-temperature plasma air sterilizer...

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DongGuan VDETTE Information Technology CO.,Ltd
  • Main Products:

    Low-temperature plasma air sterilizer

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  VDETTE was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Dongguan. It is a company specializing in air sterilizer technology research and development and technical solutions. It adopts low-temperature plasma technology, uses new nano-ceramics as the medium material, and nano-titanium dioxide catalytic coating. There is no need to replace any filters or the replacement of consumables, which is economical and convenient.We have car air sterilizers, household air sterilizers and necklace-type wearable air sterilizers, which can meet the needs of customers on different occasions. VDETTE Information Technology Co., Ltd. keeps advancing with the times and innovating. Because we believe that only continuous innovation, continuous advancement with the times and keeping up with the pace of the times can we continue to break through. Meet a better self.

  Our company provides a full range of air sterilizer technical consulting services to various countries. The service content covers the top-level design of air sterilizer products, business models, development strategies, marketing, production management, team building, customer service, etc. The most needed sales of air sterilizers Services, products include technology development, product design,operation services, personnel training and other high-end forums. VDETTE low-temperature plasma air sterilizers have been distributed all over the world, covering six continents.

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DongGuan VDETTE Information Technology CO.,Ltd