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Guangdong TAICHANG Technology Development CO.,LTD.

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Founded in 1997, Fengshun Taichang Electro-acoustic Components Co., LTD, the predecessor of Guangdong Taichang Technology Development Co., LTD, is a state-level high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and producing precision die-casting alloy audio components series products, speaker components series products and TV mounts. It is the leading enterprise in Fengshun electro-acoustic industry. In recent years, the development of the company has been affirmed by the provincial, municipal and county governments and departments at all levels. In order to meet market demand and the sustainable development of the company, the board of directors resolution, was incorporated in December 2016, guangdong TaiChang technology development co., LTD., a registered capital of 57 million yuan, the company is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacture and sales of high performance magnesium/aluminum alloy die casting products, audio equipment parts, new electronic components, metal products, technical advisory services, packaging cartons.

Now the company covers an area of 60,000 square meters, construction area of 45,000 square meters, more than 480 employees, the company has a solid foundation for research and development and industrialization conditions, and has established stable cooperation with South China University of Technology, Nanchang University, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology electronics, Guangzhou University. Company in 2006 formed a "point source to build factories in Guangdong province technology research and development center", have the factory technology research and development personnel more than 70 people, the company has international advanced production processing equipment and testing equipment, such as CNC lathe, hydraulic press, big tonnage press, die casting machine, film thickness test instrument, salt spray testing machine, dust-free electrostatic coating production line, environmental protection plating production line, etc. Die casting technology and scale in Guangdong province in the forefront of the industry. The company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO/TS16949 automobile industry quality management system certification, and its product quality products have been recognized by many domestic and foreign customers. It has become a supplier to internationally renowned companies such as Foster, Pioneer, Panasonic and Bosch.

Based on electroacoustic industry, in order to further improve the company's production scale and technical level. The company's recent major investment project "high-end intelligent professional audio products expansion and efficiency project". The project through the construction of an area of 4399.32 square meters, building area of about 70,000 square meters of workshop and supporting infrastructure, the purchase of advanced intelligent production equipment. Improve the production capacity and energy conservation and environmental benefits of the enterprise, optimize the production process, improve the quality and stability of products, meet the demand for products at home and abroad, so that the enterprise sustainable and stable development. Through the expansion and efficiency construction of this project, the company will enter a new period of development. In order to adapt to the development of domestic and foreign markets, the company will timely formulate the company's development plan according to the relevant national policies and market demand. Strive to expand the market, so as to enhance the company's competitiveness and influence in the industry at home and abroad.

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Guangdong TAICHANG Technology Development CO.,LTD.